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Mike Simpson is inviting Lib Dems in South West Surrey to contact him if they would like to ask him any questions about his quest to become their Parliamentary candidate. He would also like to hear their views on the key issues affecting people in the constituency.

Mike says, “Every day seems to bring more disastrous economic news, but how is it affecting ordinary people in Surrey? Although on the surface it seems a prosperous area, I have heard lots of troubling personal stories, such as small-businesses in deep trouble and of people who have lost thousands of pounds in savings and investments. I’d like to hear from people about how the crisis is affecting them and their families. Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats has consistently been the wisest voice in Parliament in relation to the economic crisis. We need to continue to lead the way in coming up with constructive proposals to help out those who are suffering and to turn the economy around in due course”.

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Mike Simpson asks, How much is the recession hurting people here?

In the recession some recyclable materials are piling up as the market price plummets.

The introduction of fortnightly bin collections in Waverley shortly before the 2007 Council elections was one reason our Party fared so badly in that election, especially as many residents believed the Tories were promising to bring back weekly collections. Even the Tories own website quotes one resident saying, “It was with hope that the Conservatives would make a significant change to the re-cycling arrangements that many people voted for them. This clearly is not going to happen and is very disappointing”.

Mike Simpson says, “The public feel misled by the Tories over waste collections. There is still a lot of anger on this issue especially in the recent winter weather when many bins were not emptied for 4 weeks! Local papers were full of complaints.”

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I spent Saturday in Godalming and Haslemere meeting people and enjoying the Spring-like sunshine up at Gibbet Hill, Hindhead. What a fine County. But already I have heard about a number of planning issues which threaten that special environment. I talked through some of this with a friend who is a senior planning inspector (they’re not all bad!) The Liberal Democrats need to be on the right side of these issues, preserving the County’s special character. Read more about Mike Simpson

Today is the start of my campaign to win the support of the people of Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and the many villages in the beautiful Surrey countryside that surrounds these towns.

‘Support for what?’ you might ask.

I guess I hope to find support for a principled approach to politics which doesn’t bend with the wind of fashion or expediency.

That includes supporting:

  • economic common sense and intelligent banking!
  • all those hit hard by the financial crisis;
  • the elderly and our young people who face such an uncertain future;
  • plans to tackle world environmental crises as well as the world recession;
  • freedom of the individual and minimising government control over our choices and our lives;
  • quality education which is probably the most important means of enhancing equality of opportunity;
  • our NHS services so easily put at risk by meddling politicians and
  • justice and moral integrity in our foreign affairs.

This is one way of stating why I’m in politics. This blog will tell you more as the weeks go by.

(see ‘About Mike Simpson’ for personal history)