A New Voice

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Common Sense Politics, Liberal Democrats
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Today is the start of my campaign to win the support of the people of Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and the many villages in the beautiful Surrey countryside that surrounds these towns.

‘Support for what?’ you might ask.

I guess I hope to find support for a principled approach to politics which doesn’t bend with the wind of fashion or expediency.

That includes supporting:

  • economic common sense and intelligent banking!
  • all those hit hard by the financial crisis;
  • the elderly and our young people who face such an uncertain future;
  • plans to tackle world environmental crises as well as the world recession;
  • freedom of the individual and minimising government control over our choices and our lives;
  • quality education which is probably the most important means of enhancing equality of opportunity;
  • our NHS services so easily put at risk by meddling politicians and
  • justice and moral integrity in our foreign affairs.

This is one way of stating why I’m in politics. This blog will tell you more as the weeks go by.

(see ‘About Mike Simpson’ for personal history)

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