Contact Mike Simpson with your questions and views

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Liberal Democrats
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Mike Simpson is inviting Lib Dems in South West Surrey to contact him if they would like to ask him any questions about his quest to become their Parliamentary candidate. He would also like to hear their views on the key issues affecting people in the constituency.

Mike says, “Every day seems to bring more disastrous economic news, but how is it affecting ordinary people in Surrey? Although on the surface it seems a prosperous area, I have heard lots of troubling personal stories, such as small-businesses in deep trouble and of people who have lost thousands of pounds in savings and investments. I’d like to hear from people about how the crisis is affecting them and their families. Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats has consistently been the wisest voice in Parliament in relation to the economic crisis. We need to continue to lead the way in coming up with constructive proposals to help out those who are suffering and to turn the economy around in due course”.

You can send Mike a message by clicking on ‘Comments’ below.

Mike Simpson asks, How much is the recession hurting people here?

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