Look after the pennies Jeremy and …..

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Jeremy Hunt, Liberal Democrats
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Jeremy Hunt tried to claim for a 1p phone call

The Conservative MP for South West Surrey won the award for the most penny-pinching expense claim, as all the national newspapers told us today. Jeremy Hunt, who last summer was estimated by the Spectator Magazine to be worth £4.1 million, tried to claim for a 1p mobile phone call.
And it wasn’t some technical error. The claim was actually hand written!
Like my mother would say, “Look after the pennies ….”

See the actual claim by clicking here

For the Spectator report estimating Jeremy’s wealth click here

  1. Adam says:

    Mike, I am not sure of the point you are making here. Are you saying that people should in some way be unsuitable for elected office because they are wealthy? Rgds


    • Mike Simpson says:

      Hmm – not at all Adam, but I know if I was worth several million I wouldn’t have the nerve to claim for a 1p phone call, a 2p phone call and chewing gum amongst other items.

  2. […] Mr Hunt also holds the record for the most penny-pinching expenses claims, having claimed for a 1p mobile telephone call and a 2p mobile telephone call! These bizarre claims were made and signed by him personally. See for yourself by clicking here […]

  3. […] Hunt infamously tried to claim for a 1p phone call. Click here Jeremy Hunt tried to claim for a 1p mobile phone […]

  4. […] are more embarrassing facts about Mr Hunt’s claims but I thought I’d stick to the main points […]

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