We’ve been badly let down

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Common Sense Politics, Liberal Democrats
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What goes through your mind as you watch the television News these days? Bewilderment at the sums of money we, as taxpayers, have put into the Banks to save them? Anger at the politicians and so called ‘financial experts’ who landed us in this mess? Or perhaps it’s a feeling of resignation because you look at politicians and think ‘they’re all as bad as each other’.

The last year has shown beyond doubt that those in power who claimed all was well, were either deluded or deceitful. We have all been let down. Is it possible to change the way our country is run? We certainly need to!

We have had 12 years of ‘New Labour’, ending in arrogance, incompetence, sleaze and in-fighting. Before that we had 18 years of the Conservatives ending in arrogance, incompetence, sleaze and in-fighting. Is there a different way? I believe there is. In simple terms I believe the key is not to give so much power to so few people.

The top bankers who messed up so catastrophically, only did so much damage because of the almost unlimited power they had. Politicians tend to make their worst decisions when they have too much power and don’t need to consult or reflect on consequences. The problem is that the political class and the elites who run our government, banks and economy, don’t want to give up any of their power or privilege and all the accompanying perks. We need to challenge that power and privilege which has failed so spectacularly.

We also need to dramatically reduce the extent of government interference in our lives and roll back the ‘big brother’ state. We must give people much more power in their communities, particularly over public services, schools and local health services.

In Parliament we must have a more considered and honest approach rather than the same old political dog fight. There are some huge issues to deal with.

Decisions about what to do about public and private sector pension funds need political parties to work together so that none tries to gain a temporary electoral advantage. The same is true in respect of the hard choices to make about climate change and government debt.

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  1. Natasha (student at UCA) says:

    In response to this article, another option is that each year we the general public should get a vote on what percentage of the money should go where? for example there would be a voting system (either through a website-post or electoral etc) and it will have a list of options i.e. Education, Hospitals, etc etc so then each constituency would count up the votes and then the most votes would be passed onto politicians so then we know where our taxpayers money is going to..or at least most of it…and eventually this process will benefit from better communication and trust. At the end of the day its our money that is going round the system so surely we should get our say in the most direct way possible…not just through meetings and just talking…no action which is what has been going on anyway…what do you think?

    • Mike Simpson says:

      Interesting idea Natasha. Maybe we’d have to protect certain types of spending that otherwise might not prove popular e.g. for vulnerable groups. But it would sure be interesting to see what choices people would make!

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