Conservatives waste millions (on their own advertising!)

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Conservative Party, General Election, Liberal Democrats, Mike Simpson, Uncategorized
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The Conservatives have been raising millions of pounds for their election campaign and they’ve been spending millions too! Remember the airbrushed giant posters of David Cameron’s head and then the scare story posters of the so called ‘death tax’? Well it doesn’t seem to have helped them – they are going into reverse in the polls.

People have wised up to politics over the Blair years. They want to vote for genuine people not slick advertising. And they want to know what their politicians stand for!

It’s hard to see what Cameron and his followers stand for.

Do they stand for the rich and powerful?
Do they stand for ‘families’ (what about people like me who have been single parents for many years?)
Do they stand for Thatcherite cuts to public services?
Or is it a sort of soft focus nice but tough image they are going for?

I honestly don’t know, but I think their instincts are the same as they ever were i.e. protect privilege and squeeze those least able to afford it; cut education and health whilst encouraging people to go private; talk green but support big business polluters’ interests; talk tough on the banks but do nothing to upset their friends in high places in the City; and most importantly of all – never agree to any real reform of our political system because that might ruin their chances of ruling the Country on their own.

If I’m wrong about these Tory instincts I’d love to hear what the Conservative Party DO stand for.

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  1. Senior Citizen says:

    As the Tories’ opinion poll lead evaporates they are becoming more panicky.
    As their threadbare policies leave them ever more exposed, they are trying to wrap themselves in the Union Flag. Hence, this week, Cameron has said that it is his “patriotic duty” to replace Brown.
    Who was who described patriotism as “the last refuge of the scoundrel”?

  2. The Tories, like the weather, are changeable says:

    I see that the Tory election slogan promises some ill-defined “change”.
    It seems to me that we shall get no change from the Tories and short change from Labour. For a real change towards a fairer society, we shall have to vote Liberal Democrat

  3. Zeno says:

    Should that have been “short change from the Conservatives and no change from Labour?”

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