New Parliament must repeal flawed Digital Economy Act

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Common Sense Politics, General Election, Jeremy Hunt, Liberal Democrats, Mike Simpson
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Despite my opponent Jeremy Hunt and the Tories backing Labour to vote through the deeply flawed Digital Economy Act this week we must not accept it as a ‘fait accompli’.

If elected on 6th May I will be pressing my Party and the others to urgently repeal the Digital Economy Act and to subject all the proposals to proper and rigorous Parliamentary scrutiny.

Why? Because:

– it’s a flawed piece of legislation which hadn’t been properly thought through or examined before it became law
– it was rushed through in the dying days of a failed administration after a general election had been called
– it seriously restricts people’s civil liberties (the opposite of the Lib Dems’ proposed Freedom Bill)
– the Government was too lazy to go into the details before legislating due to the lobbying of certain industries
– the Government was too lazy to pay attention to the impact on other businesses, which is remarkable at a time of economic crisis
– the law was supported, rather than opposed, by the Conservatives, who recognised it was flawed but passed it anyway – another example of the Labservatives

Mike Simpson

  1. You could probably say the same about the Statute of Anne as the Digital Economy Act.

    Both were based on laudable pretexts (encouragement of learning, nurturing the digital economy), but both were pandering to the same lobbyists (Stationers’ Guild, BPI et al).

    So, can we look forward to the Lib Dems repealing copyright along with the Digital Economy Act? It makes just as much sense, and eminently so. The idea that you can post an intellectual work on the Internet and prosecute those who make unauthorised copies will one day be considered as ignorant as the idea that the Sun orbits the Earth.

  2. Sean Ellis says:

    If your opponent, Jeremy Hunt, would be in charge of the DE Bill if the Conservatives win, then why did he describe it thus:

    “We wanted an iPod, but we got an Amstrad.”


    “There is no question of our party colluding with the Government. We have examined this Bill clause by clause, and we agree with the hon. Gentleman that it could have been massively improved had this House been able to give it proper scrutiny in Committee.” (Hansard, 6 April 2010)

    …and then vote “yes”? I applaud the Lib Dems in parliament for voting against.

  3. Jamie says:

    Jeremy Hunt has shown himself to be all take and no substance, opposing verbally but voting for it.

    Get this idiot out now and good luck to Mike and his Lib Dem colleagues campaignining on this issue!

  4. […] On 11th April I called for the Digital Economy Act to be repealed. […]

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