To all who helped in our campaign in SW Surrey and who gave me your vote – thank you

There is of course great disappointment but also a once in a lifetime opportunity for our Party to secure electoral reform and fairness in our voting system. I hope that Nick Clegg will take that opportunity.

Cameron has not ‘sealed the deal’ with the electorate and won their trust.

So far as South West Surrey is concerned we must assess where we are and where we go from here, but for the time being a period of reflection is needed. It must also be said that my opponent Jeremy Hunt has proved a popular MP and I pay tribute to him.

A tsunami of support for the Tories swept across the South of England and we could not stand up against it. But we must also remember our duty to stand by our Liberal Democrat values. Nearly a third of the voters of South West Surrey voted for us and they deserve nothing less.

Mike Simpson

  1. mikecausey says:

    Hi Mike,

    I hope that somehow electoral reform is kept on the table. I’m not as convinced as other Tories that the existing first past the post system is the best way of ensuring a workable parliamentary majority based on local representation.

    I believe that we must strive to find a better way, but, I’m not a supporter for full PR which I fear would lead to a disconnection between voters and the House.


  2. Nick C says:

    Mike C,

    A watered down version of “somehow electoral reform ” will not do.

    The present system already leads to a disconeection between many voters and the House.

    I have never been “represented” in any meaningful sense by an MP returned from a constituency in which I have lived. The same applies to many millions of people; this will continue to be the case under any system short of full PR

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