Jeremy Hunt’s Expense Claims

Contrary to what some may think, the Conservative MP for SW Surrey has had to repay more expenses than almost all other MPs in the House of Commons.

Sir Thomas Legg’s inquiry excluded matters that the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards was investigating and the inquiry into Mr Hunt’s expenses was therefore treated separately. Mr Hunt has been required to repay £12,680.25 in total. £9,558 of this was due to the ruling of the Parliamentary Commissioner for standards in respect of my complaint.

Only 16 MPs have been required by Sir Thomas Legg to repay more than £12,500.

Sir Thomas Legg’s terms of reference expressly excluded dealing with payments where the MP was under investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards such as Mr Jeremy Hunt, the MP for South West Surrey. See Paragraph 43 of Sir Thomas Legg’s report by clicking here

Jeremy Hunt MP had to repay £9,558.50 in expenses because he broke the rules. In addition Mr Hunt had to repay £1,996 for ‘utilities and other items’ wrongly claimed for, £466 for Council tax over-claims and £659.75 for double-claiming on a stationery bill.

For the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges Committee’s full report click here

For details about the £1,996 repayment see paragraphs 36, 37, 48, 61, 62, 63 and 86 of the Commissioner’s report here

Mr Hunt infamously tried to claim for a 1p phone call. Click here

Jeremy Hunt tried to claim for a 1p mobile phone call

  1. statto says:

    Given that he has one of the highest amounts to pay back and one of the smallest overall amount of claims it would be interesting to see how high up he comes in the league table of the percantage of expenses that are illegal.

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